If you have any complaints or suggestions about ICDAS, you can send them to us by filing in the ICDAS complaints and suggestions form. You must ensure that you fill in your name, surname, telephone number, address and information about the date on the form. This information is of utmost importance for the evaluation of your complaints or suggestions and for us getting in contact with you. After filling in this section you may write down your complaints or suggestions and ensure they reach us.
It is essential that you write down your email address on the complaints and suggestions form. Answers in regards to your complaints or suggestions will be directed to your email address.
The collection and evaluation of your suggestions and complaints are processed in the method stated below by our company.
• Any type of suggestions or complaints relevant to Products, Environment or Other Subjects can be sent to us electronically (at www.icdas.com.tr) , to the Biga Communication Bureau or can be put in the suggestions/complaints boxes found at the entrance of our facilities and will be sent to the relevant department.
• Any complaints or suggestions to do with the Environment will be taken by an Environmental Engineer and immediately sent to the Environmental Manager. Any suggestions or complaints about Products or other subjects will be handed to a Management Representative. Any suggestions or complaints by employees at ICDAS should be made by filling in the suggestion and complaints form at the entrance of our facilities or be sent to the relevant department with the İÇÖS system.
• The suggestions and complaints received will be evaluated by the relevant management. Along with suggestions and complaints, suggestions for solutions will be sent to higher management and activities will begin in any case where amendments must be made.
• The person making the suggestion or complaint will be informed via email or telephone about any activities or preventions taken relevant to the suggestions and complaints received.
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