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There are 2 Block Production Workshops/ No. 3 and No. 4, a metal workshop, two dry slipways in dimensions 120 m.x20 m., 200 m.x65 m., which are respectively equipped with 2x40 tons and 2x150 tons lifting capacity gantry cranes in our Shipyard.
 In the production facility, there are 1 Block blasting and painting workshop, 1 sheet metal workshop, 2  pipe production workshops, 2 block production workshops, 1 sandblating/paint workshop and 6 traveller production  workshops. We also have a breakwater protected wharf for rigging the launched ships in water.



*Three CNC cutting tool (cutting up to 6000 mm. width and 26000 mm. lengths with single and double cutting heads),

*4 pieces of 80t, one 30t, one 15t, 2 pieces of 5t, and 2 pieces of 25 Tons double beam overhead cranes ,
*450M tons hydraulic pres,
*Profile bending machine,
*75 pieces of ark welders, 100 pieces of gas welders ,8 pieces of powder welders, and 4 pieces of automatic vertical welders,
*2 pieces of radial drills,
*1 CNC pipe bending machine,
*2 pieces of saws,
*2 pieces of CNC grinding machines,
*14 x off-road special block haulage vehicles, with a 200 tons carrying capacity,
*1 forklift with 14 tons lifting capacity,
*1 tractor,
*75 tons telescopic, rubber tyre crane (2 pieces)
*30 tons telescopic, rubber tyre crane,
*300 tons telescopic mobile crane,
*140 tons telescopic mobile crane,
*100 tons telescopic mobile crane,
*30 tons telescopic mobile crane,

220 million US dollars is invested into our Shipyard in order to reduce the ship building time and hence to increase the production capacity to a 200.000/year DWT ship building capacity by 2013.

Currently, we have one 5000 DWT general cargo vessel on the production line in our İÇDAŞ Shipyard which will be delivered in the end of 2013 (TÜRK YILDIZI project).And also we have built and delivered 2 pieces of 20.000 dwt, 2 pieces of 7100 dwt, 2 pieces of 5800 dwt chemical tankers, one 3700 dwt general cargo vessel, one 65 ton BP tugboat, one one local service barge and service boats at different sizes for own use between years 2006 and 2013 at İÇDAŞ Shipyard.