ERAS SHIPPING AGENCY with its central office in Istanbul and its branch office situated near the Icdas harbour in the Biga region of  Canakkale, gives all its Shipping services including its Protection Agency, Harbour Agency, Strait Agency and Employee changeover, in all the harbours within Turkish borders and Turkish Straits with its professional etiquette and principles. Our company, which was established with the aim of giving the fastest and highest quality of service within this sector which is dependent on high performance and where time is of the utmost importance, continues its activities with success.
Despite economic conditions which are changing rapidly and the economic crisis faced within the sector we continue our efforts in contributing to the economy of the country by increasing the number of companies we give service to, increasing the number of ships and increasing the quality of service we offer.  
We are committed to giving an inclusive maritime service to all our customers with our young and dynamic operation team in the shortest time period possible, with the highest quality that protects all their interests.  We implement and determine our company politics appropriately with the relevant laws and legislation and with the demands of our customers, security and environmental protection in mind.
The foundation of our company is dependent on the principles of honesty.  Our company, which is reliable and trustworthy in all aspects, establishes relationships with customers, partners and employees based on the principles of honesty.
We work towards perfection in everything we do.  We continue to work creatively, cautiously and with maximum effort to reach our aims.
By setting high standards in all the areas we give service in, we continue to work with  professional and ethical values with the awareness of our responsibility for reaching these high standards.  
Seaway Transportation
We are renting of coastal navigation route ships for the carrying of merchandise (steel bars and wire rods) which is sent mainly to South America, Central America and North America, in addition to destinations such as Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Black Sea, bulk merchandise (steel billets) and raw materials sent to the same regions (iron scraps, pig iron, coal, ferrous iron and alliage etc) and, in addition, carriers of national merchandise, bulk merchandise and raw materials, with the aim of providing competitive and high quality service.
The deadweight cargo tonnage made by us in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 totalled around
3 000 000 tonnes/annually.
We maintain our understanding of customer centred service in all our employees regardless of the level they work at, with a young and dynamic team that quickly solves all problems that may arise by always being innovative in current market conditions, by following activities in the market closely, by giving utmost importance to timing, and by following the whole operation period, from beginnig to end, of all the ships we do connections with.
Land Route Transportation
We provide service with our group of vehicles made up of 135 tow trucks, 164 trailers and 90 trucks.

All our vehicles have new generation EURO engines.
There is a tipping dumper system in all our float trucks and by delivering received merchandise (cranes, forklifts, etc) while avoiding use of the work machines,  savings are made on time, costs and manpower.  
By using a vehicle tracking system we ensure that goods are delivered to customers in a faster, more controlled and effective way.  
Our main aim is to provide our services when needed, where needed, at a low cost.
We continue to provide appropriate solutions to all our customers with our young and dynamic land route operation team who fully understand our aim of giving good quality, fast and effective customer service.
In addition to investments being made in support of the Railway and the increase in capasity, savings are made in the name of our country in costs such as fuel, amortisation, maintenance and upkeeping, workforce and the erosion and renewal of highways.
We provide domestic transportation with 176 Eanoss type rail wagons owned by our company, all of which are made in Turkey by TÜLOMSAŞ.  
Our annual transportation capacity with the current railway infrastructure is 350.000 tonnes/year.
Our company, which aims to increase the number of rail wagons in the short term and gives importance to the use of national sources in this direction, prefers the use of rail wagons made by TÜLOMSAŞ.  As such, it is ensured that the transportation for the procurement of raw materials and the channels of merchandise distribution shifted to the railways (Modal Shift).

In addition, with the “General Railway Framework Law” being put into force in a period when the railways will be opened for competition, the feasibility works for the private sector, who will do cargo shipment with its own railway vehicles and employees, have been completed and the necessary investments will be made as soon as possible.  
As a natural result of these developments, activities continue in the direction of the aim of opening new logistics terminals and the increasing the current capacity.
We continue to provide appropriate solutions for our customers with our young and dynamic railway operation team who work towards giving good quality, fast and effective service.
Our company has created a rail wagon park by giving orders for the manufacture of modern rail wagons which have a speed of 120 km/h, 22,5 ton axis pressure, automatic load sensors, and each with a load carrying capacity of 64 200 kg which is at a quality of being able to provide service to the European Union.


Total Number of Storage Depots      : 7

Total Area (m2)                                     : 59470 m2

Total Handling Capacity                      : 6.500.000 ton/yıl

Storage Depot Centres                       : Ankara – Bandırma – Gaziantep - İsparta -Konya – Kayseri –Trabzon

It is being planned that by the end of 2012, 3 steel depots will be launched with a total area of  18.000 m2.

In addition it is our aim to open new storage depot areas close to harbours and/or railways which will be appropriate for combined transportation according to the potential number of customers and  potential for load carrying, and to develop our current storage depots and increase their capacity so that they can be used more effectively.