Eldest of the family, Koca Mustafa Bey arrives to Istanbul to start vessel repair business in 1880s. Aslan family enters into casting machinery field in 1954 and sets up the first rolling mill in 1961. And in 1969, İstanbul Çelik Demir İzabe Sanayi Inc. is established.…

Icdaş, have been producing construction steel and alloyed steel since 1970, is the second biggest steel producer of Turkey with its production capacity.

ICDAS ranked in the 6th place among the 500 Biggest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey including the public sector in 2014, according to the determinations of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), has around 10.000 employees together with the group companies.

Being aware of the strategic significance of national steel industry for the Turkish economy and being devoted to its roots, ICDAS is the technology and quality leader in the steel industry.

Leading sector in the economies of the developed countries has always been the steel industry. Our world is developing under the glow of steel. ICDAS, being the biggest private steel producer of our country, contributes to the target of our country of reaching the level of contemporary civilizations with its elbow grease at the steel ladle.

İÇDAŞ, while meeting the world quality standards with integration and use of technology in Çanakkale investments, it also became a reputable institution in the world steel league with the competitive strength it has created, and also made a significant contribution to the global competitive strength, reflecting the future of our country.

With energy efficiency, process efficiency, environmental awareness, technology usage, and participation of its employees in productivity, İÇDAŞ shares the justified pride of bringing the name of our country to a notable point by putting forth competitive strength in a race, which it started well behind in the world steel sector.